Insurance Adjuster: The Do’s and the Dont’s

Insurance, in any form these days, are an important means of protection and security. Insurance is a form of security that in the event of loss or damage of the insured property, one can claim the insured amount for it.

May it be a loss through an accident or a house fire, one will have to undergo the process of filing a claim for the insurance company to pay according to the benefits stipulated in the policy. The insured can either let the company agent or adjuster do the processing or the insured can hire the services of Andrew K. Knox & Company.

The hired public adjuster simply comes in between the insured and the insurance company and acts as the spokesperson on behalf of the insured. One can orient himself with the may information in the internet that will enlighten the mind with options as to hire an adjuster or not.

Actually, insurance companies already have their own agents and adjusters to help the insured in claims and this service is free, so sometimes its not practical to be hiring someone else and pay for the service.

The goal in filing a claim is to get the declared value of the property before the loss, but with an adjusters service the declared value that can be claimed will depreciate.

One example here is the instance that before the loss the appraisal of your property is 100, after the loss you were reimbursed by the insurance company 100 so you can rebuild, but then you will come short because you will be left with 90 as 10 goes to the commercial insurance adjuster, and you again go looking for the 10 to completely rebuild.

A public adjuster might not have the best and accurate information or details about the insurance coverage and possibilities of inaccurate information may be used. However, if there is really a need to hire an insurance adjuster there is the need as well to know the goal as to why one should.

One may have too much on his plate that he cannot manage to process the claims for himself, or he may have a bad experience with the insurance company adjuster hence the need to hire one. Hire an adjuster that is with good credentials, select from among a few and not just anyone that appears in times of disaster, it can be a scam.

Look for possible red flags along the process of the service and if something is off, stop the service.

By weighing the possibilities and exerting effort to consider the best of all options one can better determine the need for an adjuster or not at all. Make sure you opt and follow these key points to pick the best insurance adjuster for you.


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